Consultation - Individual

30 minute consultations are available in our office, by voice call, or video call. The clinician will provide a written summary of the client's identified needs, clinical observations and recommendations. 

Consultation - Group

Group consultations are appropriate for employers, schools, and other large environments. This consultation consists of a 60 minute on site clinical observation, written summary, and recommendations.

Pragmatic language therapy

Pragmatic language refers to the ways  we use our language to communicate with people. Pragmatic language skills vary by environment, culture and the neurology of each person. This is appropriate for people seeking to improve communicative interactions in the workplace, during recreational activities, in school, etc. Pragmatic language therapy will be personalized for your specific needs. 

Intensive therapy course

Intensives are designed for people who would like guidance on how to improve their communication skills. This approach includes three 1-hour therapy sessions conducted within a 10 day time period. The client can expect an individualized therapy plan, education on how to implement the therapy plan, and a follow up consultation. Prior to your first appointment, you will fill out a communication profile that allows the clinician to prepare for your visit. During your second visit, you will receive your therapy plan and instructions on its implementation. You will implement this plan  and provide feedback to the clinician regarding its effectiveness. During your third session, modifications will be made to your therapy plan as needed and you will discuss further therapy options with the clinician. Intensives are also appropriate for parents, schools and employers who would like to improve communicative interactions for their children, students, or employees. 

PROMPT Therapy

Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (PROMPT) is a multidimensional approach to speech production disorders that uses tactile cues to facilitate verbal communication.  PROMPT considers the physical-sensory aspects of motor performance as well as cognitive-linguistic and social-emotional aspects of language.



We do not currently participate with insurance, medicare or medicaid. All services are Fee for Services and payment is the responsibility of the party requesting therapy.