Client Testimonials

"I am grateful that Erin took her time getting to know my son.  She gained his trust in a way that he is motivated to work with her.  We have been very happy with his progress" - Parent of 4 year old
"My daughter receives PROMPT therapy two times a week.  Amanda now has two word approximations she can use to request her favorite items.  I also see her attempting to form words rather than yelling or getting upset when she needs something.  I'm excited to see more progress in the coming months."  - Mother of Amanda (12 years old) 
"While working in a classroom with Erin, I saw her thinking outside the box often.  She took time to figure out what was important to the 13 year old boys in our room.  Once she tapped into their interests, she was able to teach them successfully" - A.S (Head Teacher, private school for Autistic children)
"Erin has distinguished herself as an outstanding clinician and researcher that is comfortable in both developmental theory and the intricacies of applied interventions even when they do not directly relate to her past speech and language experience.  As an employee she has been integral to the success of out applied research, and the cohesiveness of out organization" - Z.F. (former Assistant Director NYEP at Johns Hopkins University)

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